EP24:  Anti-Aging Protective Hormones & Cholesterol

What's the difference between a younger body and an older one? The regeneration process A topic based show about progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA. How these hormones are produced in the body and why the order and synthesis of these hormones is so important for a healthy body and better brain function.  Cholesterol plays an important role in this process but can built up if it's not getting converted. Taking estrogen or testosterone without the synthesis of these hormones first will result in negative effects.  We talk about that in the show as well as how valuable keeping production of these hormones at a normal level and eating foods that promote the anti-aging protective hormones will promote better brain function a higher metabolic rate and a body that regenerates faster.


"Nutrition for Women" By Dr. Ray Peat

Biochemnordic Program:

Pregnenolone: A Nervous System Protector & Memory Enhancing Hormone - Gianulca Pazzaglia, MD:

Danny Roddy interview with Georgi - The youth steroids : pregnenolone progestrone & DHEA (Generative Energy #8):

2012-05-18 Autoimmune and Movement - John Barkhausen + Ray Peat:

Episode #23 - Panya Walker - Stepping into the unknown courageously

Panya Walker is a Holistic Lifestyle Advisor, a Certified Empowerment Coach and Certified Medium. You can connect with Panya at

Check out Panya's 4 month coaching program

We talk about Panya's vision and mission for her life which is to learn to LOVE and LIVE FREE, and teach others to do the same.  We explore what might be causing you to procrastinate and how to create follow through and consistency in your life with key lifestyle practices.  Panya shares with us how re-creating yourself can be joyful by allowing yourself to step into the unknown courageously.

Episode #22 - Amanda Spicer - Non-toxic natural beauty Rituals

Amanda Spicer is owner and operator of Pranic Forest, a small batch artisan apothecary company focused on chemical free,
natural products. She calls herself a master herbalist, aromatherapist, intuitive energy channeler, cosmetologist and artist. 

She offers education about the practice of safe holistic
beauty, herbal medicine and energy wellness.  She’s located in the rocky mountains of Calgary/Alberta Canada.  

Amanda has a very unique perspective on beauty care and health and we talk about the impact that beauty products have on the environment and on our bodies and why going natural is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Connect with Amanda at:
instagram: pranicforest

EP21 Danny Roddy - Carbon Dioxide, Pre-Mature Aging and Hair Loss

About Danny...

Several years ago I played bass in a major label rock band that was touring the world. You would have thought I was having the time of my life. Unfortunately, I was losing my hair in parallel with the band’s success. To me, my hair loss was equivalent to the end of the world; I honestly did not want to live in a future without my hair. Yeah, the pressure on the band was that intense. As the band gained popularity, my anxiety increased, and I knew I had to be proactive before it was too late. I started bouncing from physician to physician searching for detailed answers to my problems.  Out of the 10 or so naturopathic, orthomolecular, and anti-aging doctors I met with, 10 of them prescribed boatloads of pills and hormones that made me feel worse. It was not long before I realized that no one was going to fix my health for me. Years later, through vigorous research and an open mind, I have stopped my hair loss, resolved my anxiety and become the bull (libido is great). Make sure to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Trust no one, including me. Please do not confuse me for a guru or an expert.

Danny Roddy is an independent health researcher focusing on hair loss and how you can avoid it simply by looking at it from a biochemistry perspective and approaching it with the right kind of nutrition.  In this episode, we talk about the relationship between hair loss and carbon dioxide production in both men and women as well as how supplements could be negatively effecting your health and how to support your thyroid with food.

Connect with Danny at:



Episode #20 - Josh & Jeanne Rubin - Cold Showers & Metabolic Breathing

We talk with Josh and Jeanne Rubin of about how to avoid energy wasting/depleting by learning how to self regulate your autonomic nervous system. Josh and Jeanne describe how you can use easy metabolic breathing techniques, cold showers and real food nutrition to bring your body back into a state of hormonal balance and avoid issues like sleep apnea and asthma. Josh and Jeanne Rubin of EastWest Healing are redefining what it means to heal in this day and age.

They're setting the bar for the practice and movement of healing and they've managed to extract refreshing simplicity from complex physiology that enables you to become your own health practitioner. In my opinion they're revolutionizing nutrition for thyroid health and bringing a new perspective on what we know and think about the metabolism and thyroid. Teaching people and giving them the tools to heal themselves with real food nutrition and metabolic breathing techniques. They offer lots of free information online, e-course, ebooks and one on one coaching all over the globe.

Episode #19 - Catherine Luciano - Hormone Balance After A Kidney Transplant

Catherine Luciano has been a personal trainer, manager and athletic director in the fitness industry or close to two decades. She talks about her inspiring journey to health and hormonal balance after recieving a kidney from her brother. She says that just using real food nutrition has had the greatest impact on her life. What happens when we go through an intensely stressful situation and try to get our hormones back in balance? Catherine talks about her experience with this after her kidney transplant. She describes what worked for her and what didn't work and her process in this discovery.

Episode #18 - Andrew Johnston - You Are How You Breathe

"Health is never found at the extremes", Andrew Johnston

According to Andrew, health and performance are synonomous...the healthier you feel, the more you realize your ultimate performance. Andrew has been a career endurance athlete most of his life and is  the author of "Spot On Nutrition", "Holistic Strength Training For Triathalon", and "Holistic Respiration".  He's been a renowned coach for countless other top endurance athletes and shares with us his perspective on quality of life, performance and the biochemistry of breathing and how it relates to your metabolism.  

Since Andrew is a leukemia survivor and continues to perform at a high level of performance he's inspired countless others and has even had a documentary made in his honor called "Living is winning".  You can connect with Andrew and check out his books and watch "Living is Winning" at

Episode #17 - JP Sears - The Ultra Spiritual Integrated Life

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life.  His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives.  JP is the author of “How To Be Ultra Spiritual”.  He's very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos, including his hit Ultra Spiritual comedy series, which has accumulated over 100 million views.

You can learn more about JP and his work at

We talk about using playfulness to discover self, healing with satire and connecting to your own unique creative expression.  JP talks about his journey to creating his own integration practice, learning how to own who you are unappolegeticall and the path to discovering self through satire and play.

JP also shares with us his three pillars of to how to create a connected audience with your offerings.


JP's gift to our audience... Download your free copy below.

7 Ways To Be More Spiritual Than Your Friends

Episode #16 - Kate Deering - How to Heal Your Metabolism

How to heal your metabolism and stop blaming aging for your slowing metabolism.

In this episode we talk about why the current beliefs on health and fitness don't work... work out more and eat less.  How important mind set and beliefs are in healing, why most people don't heal/lose weight and why sugar is not the evil substance we've been lead to believe and so much more.

Kate is the author of "How To Heal Your Metabolism" and has been a fitness and nutrition coach for over 20 years.  She holds certifications with the Chek Institute and Z-Health.  Kates is also a certified olympic lifting coach. 

You can find out more about Kate at:

Connect with Kate on her facebook page at:

Episode #15 - Jator Pierre - The Art Of Satisfaction, Expressing Anger & The Guru Myth

Jator Pierre is a self proclaimed weirdo and has a unique perspective on life.  He says looking at life from a weirdo's point of view is exactly what is needed to help people break out of old patterns that are keeping them stuck in lives that no longer serve them.

In this episode we talk about the art of satisfaction and how, feeling satisfied, enjoying and feeling greatful for what you've created is a practice.  Expressing anger in a healthy way and how that can serve you long term and finally we talk about how you can become your own guru.

You can find Jator and connect with him at:

Episode #14 - Anti-Aging Tips - Fat Metabolism

Today I talk about how fat metabolism can accelerate your rate of aging and steps you can take to slow it down.  I also share tips on digestive motility and how you can improve your digestion to create more energy and better skin.


Episode #13 - Jackie Blake - Online Dating Abroad - Attracting and healing Relationships - the Wonder Woman Archetype

My coaching came about because seeing through people's crafted stories through to their vulnerability is something I'm just good at.  I call myself  "The Adventure Whisperer" because I can see the unique adventurer in everyone just waiting for permission to break though.

As for my journey of personal healing...  I was a HOT MESS!  Coaching myself has helped me wake up to my authentic self and question the parameters I had set around my life.  Generally in life we're shown this cookie cutter version of what we're supposed to create and everyone's personal trajectory is really unique and rarely adheres to the cookie cutter version so we create shame around that. 

Jackie is an emotional/spiritual relationship coach and the author of the book, "Dating As A Spiritual Adventure".  We talk about how to be authentic when meeting people for the first time, how apps have changed the modern dating culture and how taking a receptive approach to dating may be the key to getting what you want.  We also touch upon the Wonderwoman archetype and what has now become the modern woman's journey.

Find out more about Jackie's offerings and connect at

Episode #12 - Rosanne Ramirez - Hypnosis & float tank meditation

Today we talk to Rosanne Ramirez of

As a QHHT Practitioner and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Rosanne’s passion and commitment focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This journey of healing and awakening has driven her over the past 17 years to work at the deepest levels with top practitioners from around the world. Specializing in inner child healing, subconscious/reflective coaching, neural muscular testing and QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique), Rosanne gracefully guides others willing to participate in their own greatness by supporting her clients to connect with their highest self, receive the clearest guidance, integrate their truth and experience the deepest levels of healing.  We talk about her experiences with floating compared to meditation and how hypnosis can be incredibly healing.

Episode #11 - Brian McKay - Emotional Rebounding

Today we talk with Brian McKay of Pain Free Fitness and the Optimum Human Podcast.  Brain shares his journey in health and fitness, rebounding and integrating yourself after an emotional breakthrough or spiritual experience.

Brian got into exercise after a bad breakup and injured myself shortly after starting one of those DVD home workout programs. He ended up finding Elliot Hulse on Youtube, who introduced him to Paul Chek.  Loving what the Chek Institute was about he began using holistic exercise and was soon lead to the Highest level CHEK practitioner in the State of Michigan.  Brian worked with him as a client for 6 months during which he took his first course at the CHEK Institute. He mentored me for the following 3 years until he broke out on his own to form Pain Free Fitness.

Episode #10 Resistant Starch

Is resistant starch healthy? It's a confusing subject because the answer is yes and no. A resistant starch is a food that is resistant to digestion, but you can turn a resistant starch into a more digestible food just by preparing it differently. We talk about this and the glycemic index as well as which sugars are better for you than others.

Heal Your Metabolism by Kate Deering

Special Episode:  Diet Dogma, Spirituality and Intention

What does it mean to be spiritual?  Are spiritual diet dogmas keeping you from functioning at your highest level?  We share our spiritual journey and how we've come back to integrating our biochemistry ( or bioenergetics) and our spiritual self so were able to help people function at a higher level.

Episode #9 - Body image, your environment, DNA and metabolism

How does your environment affect your ability to regenerate, make new cells and your rate of metabolism?  Could an increase in metabolic rate require way more nutrients than you thought?  In this episode we answer these questions and talk about our perceptions of body image and how our idea of what we're supposed to look like could be sabotaging our health.

Episode #8 - Movement and Energy

What's the balance between too much movement and not enough?  Today we explore the paradox between the two and talk about how you can find balance in the middle.  We share tips to avoid aging faster and how stress hormones suppress your metabolism.

Episode #7 - Liver Function and Your Thyroid

Your thyroid is dependent on your liver functioning properly.  They have a symbiotic relationship and we talk about why.  We also share with you Foods you can eat to improve liver function and how eating liver can provide vitamin A for healthy skin and hair and so much more.  How estrogen products effect the function of the liver and how the liver is the main organ that is key to how you're aging.  Finally, we offer practical tips on how you can improve liver function and prepare and eat liver for better energy production, healthy skin and hair.

Episode #6 - Women's Empowerment, the light and shadow side

Today we talk about the light and shadow side to women's empowerment.  How as women can we take on more and maintain a healthy state?  We also talk about women as gatherers and why our hormonal balance dictates us to eat more frequently.  Finally how finding equality within ourselves can lead to seeing yourself as an equal to others.

Episode #5 - The benefits of CO2 for Brain Function and Cardio Workouts

Today we discuss the benefits of C02 for your brain and metabolism. We unravel popular nutrition and workout myths/dogmas and explain why it's essential to have enough C02 to do a cardio workout.  

Episode #4 - Getting from a low to high energy state

What does it mean to have low energy and what can you do about it.  Sometimes low energy can be adrenalized energy.  If we are living on stress hormones this means we cannot produce energy efficiently.  Learn how you can make a change for the better.  We'll also talk about movement and what kind of stress is good when it comes to exercise.

Episode #3 -Low energy metabolism and estrogen

What function does estrogen really play in the body and can estrogen dominance effect both men and women?  Find out how estrogen is actually a stress hormone and how it can reek havoc in the body if produced in excess.  We'll talk about what you can do to decrease the effects of estrogen dominance and so much more.  

Episode #2 - Anger, passive aggressiveness and victimhood

What does it mean to make anger your friend?  Could you transform the energy of anger into something both empowering and healing? Victimhood is much like anger but with a passive aggressive expression.  How do we get out of the rut of victimhood and get into empowering self?  We talk about this and so much more.

Episode #1- Learned Helplessness, self care and creative energy

Don't give your power away when it comes to your health.  We talk about how to take it back and share with you our health journey.  We also talk about some of the people who've influenced us over the years like Ray Peat, Josh and Jeanne Rubin and Kate Deering.