Allison Pelot

The idea for Integrate Yourself came from the desire to help people simplify the confusion and fear around nutrition.


Allison’s Story

Being a mother of two Allison had experienced so many changes in her own body as the result of having children and getting older.  Because she experienced hormonal changes she realized what we think of as the gold standard of dieting doesn't work for women as we get into our 40's. 

This led Allison to discover that mindset around nutrition, up to this point, had been centered around "weight loss" or a fear of gaining weight instead of maintaining a healthy functioning metabolism.

Allison's journey began after the birth of her two sons and feeling like she had less energy to do the things she loved and getting sick with severe digestive issues and inflammation. It was so bad that she could barely get out of bed most days.  Allison didn't even have the energy to play with her young kids and wondered how this could be.  Finally realizing that she was only 35 years old and too young to be experiencing this kind of debilitating pain she looked into principles of healing the body naturally.

After going through a plethora of natural health avenues and getting some relief at first with diets like anti-fungal and paleo, she hit another road block.  Allison acquired the body shape she'd been wanting after pregnancy but she felt miserable.  She noticed her digestive distress had gone away at first but after a while it came back with low energy and depression.  

Right when she felt like there was no where else to go she stumbled upon Ray Peat's work which changed everything.  She learned that nurturing her body with the right foods, frequency, accessible nutrients, rest and moderate movement was what she needed to heal, not more exercise and less food.

Allison gradually switched her focus to building the body's reserves back up instead of breaking them down.   She was soon able to have more energy, maintain a beautiful healthy body and the freedom to enjoy life again.

My Mission

Much of the information in this podcast is meant for educational purposes only and is based on the work of Dr. Ray Peat, who's background is in biochemistry and his work has been dedicated to the female hormonal system. 

I felt his work was too important to be forgotten so I’ve dedicated this podcast to bringing light to the truth behind the nutrition industry.  I’ve gathered information from Ray Peat's articles, interviews and books as well as I’ve been influenced on many ways to apply his philosophy from my friends Josh and Jeanne Rubin at East West Healing and through personally working with Dr. Lita Lee. 

I’ve been applying these principles to myself and I’ve helped countless others on their path to health and vitality. Check out my certifications.

My approach and recommendations are very different than what you'll see in most nutrition programs, challenging many myths and beliefs about food, metabolism and hormones.  I believe that nutrition is seldom talked about from the female hormonal perspective and I offer that perspective to you here.

My intention is to help you better understand the true nature of your body and then be able to apply a practical plan to your own life for long term energy, health and regeneration.

I also believe your emotional well being and lifestyle habits are just as important and that these choices can have an incredible influence on the state of your energy, recovery and disposition.  

I invite you to think of this as an opportunity to bring in new information and open your heart and mind to the possibility of a new way of being and a new relationship with yourself.