Pure Energy Success Stories

Dr. Montserrat Andreys shares her success story of coming back strong from an injury and finding the freedom and clarity to creatively express herself because she learned how to build a foundation of strength and mobility through her and Allison’s work together.


Hanna Bier shares how she’s found the value in knowing how her body works and what it needs nutritionally in my Building Your Food Foundation online program.

Hanna talks about going from being a vegetarian to understanding why she needed to bring protein back into to her diet again and how this helped her create lasting energy and vitality in her body again.

Cassady Kennebeck describes how she created freedom in her movement by learning the skills to get out of pain and build a fitness practice in this episode of Pure Energy Success Stories.

Cassady also talks about the value of building a fitness foundation that she can always go back to and how it's helped her find balance in her life.


I’ve been working with Allison for over a year now and in that time I’ve gained a level of whole body strength and endurance I never thought I’d reach.

My range of motion in my shoulders, upper back, and hips has improved immensely. I contribute so much of my success to the guidance and training given by Allison.

I love how each week we re-access where I am in the process and what my body needs as well as how I can improve. Allison has it all figured out and guides me carefully and gently through her 1:1 coaching program.

I recently hiked the Timberline Trail - 38 miles in three days. My body was tired but physically I was fine and recovered better than ever. I wasn’t even sore the next day. I know I would not have been able to do this a year ago.

Looking forward to many more adventures thanks to my training with Allison!

Suzie Kabeiseman

Allison is amazing. She’s helped me morph my post-three baby body into a strong woman with curves rather than fluff.
I felt weak and frustrated after having my third baby. My ab strength was gone and I felt like an old person when I got up off the floor. After working with Allison for three months I am so much stronger. I can keep up with my kids, and play with them without concern. I even did the monkey bars the other day!
Her compassionate and nurturing way of training make you feel safe and cared for. She is a wealth of knowledge and makes working out enjoyable. I am so lucky that I chose to work with her. She’s amazing!!
— Danielle from PDX
Allison understands the human body and how to move it in order to correct imbalances and optimize health. She is extremely kind and patient. It’s like having a close friend who helps you move and feel better. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their path to wellness!
— Jen from PDX
Allison is my favorite trainer! She knows how to gently push you into better mobility, with good food advice. I went from having a lot of pain and difficulty with strenuous movement to hiking up Misery Ridge (carefully) with my family. I try to follow her advice. The small group training is a great idea too. Thanks!!!
— Cameron from PDX
Allison is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and understanding. She’s helped me bring balance back into my body after experiencing severe issues with candida after years of the contraception pill, asthma medication and antibiotics. I’ve worked with some of the most amazing western doctors and naturopaths around the world, but no one was able to rid me of my fungal infections.

After living in pain every day, I was about to give up when I accidentally stumbled across Allison’s website.  After working with Allison for 6 months, my toe nail infection which I have had for 20 years has cleared and I’ve been pain free ever since.  Following Allison’s diet advice was the best thing I ever did.  Thank you Allison you truly are amazing!
— Kim B. In Australia

I want to personally thank Allison for her help in shedding excess weight. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The simple changes she helped me make in my supplement plan has drastically changed my appearance for the better! I would highly recommend her for any area of assistance needed for overall wellness. Her help and awesome attitude toward my goal was second to none! Thanks Allison my beach body is almost there! Puerto Rico here I come!!!
— Lucas in PDX

I sought out Allison’s help because I HAD a very weak back and back injuries from my platform diving days. Also, I had little to no quad strength, and I wanted to get ready for snowboarding season. I had learned how last year and I realized my legs were so weak that it contributed to my many many many falls on the slopes.

Allison personalized a plan just for my needs and it was astonishing how much of a difference it made doing the moves with her guidance. Just the tiniest bit of adjustment made a huge difference in the effectiveness of the exercise.

I haven’t had back pain since working with Allison, and my legs are toned and much stronger. I went snowboarding recently and was able to stay vertical 75 % of the time (as opposed to 25 % of the time last year) a HUGE improvement!

I’ve tried all kinds of exercises. Recently I decided to try out another fitness studio, where they pride themselves on causing as much pain and muscle fatigue as possible in the grueling hour. It was awful. It was so painful and all that resulted were numerous injuries. I had to stop.

I went to Allison for an explanation of what happened with my body and she explained the right way to exercise versus the wrong way. She is able to find the perfect combination of taking your body right to the edge of what you can do. It is truly a wonderful and rewarding experience! Also, on a personal note, she’s a very peaceful and comforting yet encouraging presence. She is wonderful, I highly recommend her.
— Virginia T. in PDX

I am so grateful to have met Allison! She is helpful, compassionate, and intuitive – which makes her an exceptional personal trainer. It is easy to relate to her. I could see her being a good fit for just about anyone.

She wants to understand her clients’ personal stories & goals & she will create a workout based on an integrated understanding of the individual, not some cookie-cutter version that you might find with trainers at chain gyms.

Allison also takes the time to educate. She is a good instructor & she will share educational materials as well as her own writings from her blog. She is a reliable educator, too – she is a true athlete & really seems to understand different fitness levels, recovery, food choices, energy, sleep….everything! I trust her judgment & respect her knowledge. Highly recommended!
— Sara S. in PDX

I have have been working with Allison for several weeks now on what I thought to be such small movements and basic things as breathing correctly. Now with just a few weeks under way I am starting to work with load again and feel great! I have been dealing with pain during my sleep, sitting and standing. I woke up yesterday and said to my husband that this is the first time in a LONG time that I don’t hurt as I rose from my bed. Thank you Allison!”
— Kristi S. in PDX

I’ve been seeing Allison for a couple of months. She’s wonderful! In addition to being warm and encouraging, she is extremely knowledgeable. I’ve learned a great deal from her about both fitness and nutrition. I’ve become noticeably stronger and my posture has improved dramatically (which I never thought could happen!).

Working out with Allison is also a lot of fun. I recommend her highly.”
— Sara W. in PDX

I’ve been working with Allison for six months now. The reason I am doing this is because of Allison’s skill and professionalism. In short, she knows her stuff. I needed back surgery a few months ago and she has helped me build strength in my back without putting undue strain on my spine. Aside from her skills as a trainer, Allison’s personality is a definite plus. She has a great sense of humor, is interested in her clients and is accommodating to the clients’ schedule. A five star rating!”
— Robert S. in PDX

I have been working with Allison for over two months now and it has been amazing. She took the time to get to know me and my goals, and to assess my strengths and weaknesses in order to devise a plan to get me where I want to go.

She is very knowledgeable and passionate about both fitness and nutrition and I love that she is always continuing to learn more.

It’s apparent that she truly loves what she does. Allison’s intuitive, motivating, and highly encouraging. She has not only inspired me, she has helped me to really see that if I’m willing to put in the work, I can get to the fitness level I want.

I had been working out on my own off and on for about three years and I am amazed at the progress I’ve made with Allison in just over 8 weeks. I can feel I am getting stronger, but I don’t feel like I’m killing myself in the gym. Her workouts are challenging AND fun. I highly recommend Allison to anyone looking for an excellent trainer.”
— Susan T. PDX

Allison has been the major contributor to coming back from a year-long back injury. In just a few sessions Allison was able to identify the root cause of my severe back pain.

She gave me a set of simple exercises that I can do when the pain returns, these can be done anywhere and I have used them in many a parking lot when my back spasms after being in the car.

She has allowed me to return to my normal activities while working with me to strengthen the muscle groups that have contributed to the instability and pain in my back.

She’s also an incredible resource on diet and overall health issues. Allison’s a solid listener and responds with compassion.”
— Julie M. PDX

I worked with Allison for almost a year after the birth of my third child. I came to her with a herniated disk and torn stomach muscles and a strong desire to get my body back in shape. I was sent to her because my doctors warned that if I went to the wrong person who did not know what they were doing, I could further damage my muscles.

Allison was so caring about me and my personal needs and goals. She was so in tune with my body and what it needed to repair. You always felt like you were her only client and that she spent all of her time with individual care and focus for your needs. She is so knowledgable about not only fitness and training but about nutrition and how it all plays together. I was always amazed at how she could diagnose a problem or an ache and fix it with an exercise or a stretch.

Her personality is so calming that my husband and I joked that she became not only a trainer but a therapist! I could not wait until my mornings that I would train with her. She took my body from a complete post baby, working mom to a strong body where everything worked in sync. I cannot say enough good things about Allison and my personal training experience with her!”
— Laine P. ATL

Before training with Allison I thought I was fit because I ran and cycled a lot. But after years of this I had chronic muscle and joint pain, and poor overall fitness. Through balanced, whole body training, Allison helped me gain strength and flexibility. Trimming down my waistline was a nice benefit too, though I had to buy all new pants.”
— Phil H. in ATL

Allison is a great fitness partner! She takes a holistic approach to your health and physical development. In the gym, she is focused on your form…but also on your state of mind. She possesses a solid educational foundation and augments that by staying on top of cutting edge research in nutrition, movement theory and the body mind connection.

She’s professional, motivating and genuinely interested in helping her clients move to a better state, physically and mentally. I’m far from the perfect client, but she’s always graceful and encouraging.
— Cindy W. in ATL

I recently completed the 10 day detox program offered by Pure Energy Wellness and really enjoyed it! I stayed committed the entire 10 days and unless I did it accidentally I completely eliminated sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, cow dairy, wheat, caffeine and alcohol! The first few days were very challenging since I was a daily coffee drinker. I drank daily diet coke or iced tea with sweet-n-low and enjoyed my white wine on a regular basis.

After the first 3 days it was all up hill. I slept better, had more energy, noticed and up tick in my ability to focus and concentrate at work and best of all was able to read the messages from my body about what type of food it needed. For example, it was very easy to tell when I had too many carbs and that I needed a protein to balance myself out, and vise versa.

During the 10 days I also switched to green and herbal tea and learned how to juice my vegatables. During the entire 10 days I ate a little less food, never felt hungry or starved and enjoyed many things that I had already been including in my diet (like nuts, steak, eggs, etc.) and at the same time lost 5 pounds!

I’m continuing to keep the same items of food I eliminated for the 10 days, out of my diet permanently with the exception of a glass of wine on the weekend. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is striving to eat better, feel more energized and just wanting overall better health!

Thanks Allison for pointing me in the right direction!”
— Jackie B. in ATL

I was skeptical about beginning a personal training relationship with Allison. She was the fifth person I had signed up with in the last 10 years. Now, I cannot imagine ever looking for a new trainer again. She is by far the best I have ever worked out with. First of all, she takes a holistic approach with attention to mind, emotion, diet and training.

Second, she is an exceptional listener. Then she was able to put together a specialized plan for my needs (improve my golf game, age more gracefully, feel great). In just a couple of months, I’ve met all those goals and more. On top of that, I actually enjoy the workout, which is a first for me. She is amazing!”
— Andy H. in ATL

I have been a faithful member of the “Do It Yourself Fitness Club.” I purchase books, magazines and videos and go about training myself. It worked pretty well until I reached my 60’s. Part of my routine is to walk a 3 mile circuit at least three times a week. It is great walking outside in the fresh air, but I found that one of my knees was swelling and hurting more than I wanted to admit. I tried the “Do It Yourself” bit of making this go away by icing after walking and other home remedies.”

My daughter suggested that I sign up for some sessions with Allison and see if she could help. I am delighted to tell you that she has helped me greatly. I have learned that my technique was not always correct in my “Do It Yourself” system. There is great reward in doing exercise the right way. Allison helped me to loosen up the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones. She also noticed that I had an unnatural gait to my walk and corrected that. This has helped me to enjoy walking for fitness again! Thanks so much Allison!”
— Florence in ATL

I initially came to Allison for strength training and for help in restoring mobility and strength to my shoulder after an old injury. She has helped me immensely with these goals as well as others in a varied training program tailored to my needs as they evolve. Additionally, Allisonʼs passion for healthy living has made me much more conscious about where my food comes from and how it is produced. She is caring, knowledgeable, and brings a lot of fun to the workout.”
— Becky M. in ATL

I wanted you to know that I have forwarded your email and website around to several people at the office, and everyone is really impressed with the things that can be done just through diet alone. I wanted you to know people were so impressed with you, and I have to say that I am more impressed with you than most of my doctors.
— Julie in ATL

I had never heard of Pranic psychotherapy until Allison introduced me to it and I’m so thankful that she did! I did not know what to expect but I was intrigued and I trust Allison wholeheartedly.

I booked my first session upon preparing for an emotionally challenging trip and I knew I needed help with channeling my emotions and caring for my mind-body. I ended up completely surrendering to the entire process as Allison put me under a much needed meditative state.

The digestive issues like diarrhea disappeared after this session and I was finally able to sleep once again. I felt lighter, at peace, grounded and recharged but in a calm and rejuvenated way. I stayed in this state for a couple of days and it was just what I needed at that time.

I experienced so many immediate benefits from my first session that I needed another when I felt myself becoming unbalanced again. This experience was completely different from the first one! Instead of surrendering, my mind-body released a lot of built up energy from a stressful month and brain recovery for the last 2.5 years.

I shed tears throughout the session. My mind was alert rather than meditative. While on the table, I felt a lot of negative energies leaving me and it felt great! I love how immediate the benefits are!

I am excited about continuing my pranic psychotherapy sessions remotely now that Allison has moved. I’m not sure how it works but I dig it! Thank you for sharing your phenomenal healing work and for introducing me to something new!”
— Kim in ATL