What's the difference between a younger body and an older one? The regeneration process A topic based show about progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA. How these hormones are produced in the body and why the order and synthesis of these hormones is so important for a healthy body and better brain function.  Cholesterol plays an important role in this process but can built up if it's not getting converted. Taking estrogen or testosterone without the synthesis of these hormones first will result in negative effects.  We talk about that in the show as well as how valuable keeping production of these hormones at a normal level and eating foods that promote the anti-aging protective hormones will promote better brain function a higher metabolic rate and a body that regenerates faster.


"Nutrition for Women" By Dr. Ray Peat

Biochemnordic Program:  https://www.biochemnordic.com/ray-pea...

Pregnenolone: A Nervous System Protector & Memory Enhancing Hormone - Gianulca Pazzaglia, MD:   https://youtu.be/JuZp21O7PXU

Danny Roddy interview with Georgi - The youth steroids : pregnenolone progestrone & DHEA (Generative Energy #8): https://youtu.be/sXkxViFxk9A

2012-05-18 Autoimmune and Movement - John Barkhausen + Ray Peat:  https://youtu.be/UXkylJ-yP3M

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Support this podcast on Patreon!