EP27: The Bone Broth Episode With Tressa Yellig

Tressa Yellig is the founder of Salt, Fire, and Time, a retail store/classroom and the co-owner of the Broth Bar, a dedicated bone broth cafe offering positive & delicious experiences of traditional foods, add ons, and other organic food products in Portland, Oregon and throughout the US. She's a passionate chef of traditional nourishing foods & the revitalization of the ancestral food heritage movement.

She specializes in variety of health supporting cooking styles, advocate of nutritional philosophy of traditional fats, sprouted grains, pastured meats, raw dairy, & fermented food. She provides educational classes and loves teaching nostalgic simplicity of whole foods.

In this episode we talk with Tressa about her special affinity for bringing old world traditions and the “hands off” chef intervention of traditional foods created by nature and small farmers who preserve unique ways of making food after her own health issues and leaving the ego eccentric food culinary arts program in NYC.

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references mentioned in this podcast:

Full Moon Feast  by Jessica Prentice

Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan

Magic mineral broth by Rebecca Katz

Great Lakes Gelatin

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Show Notes:

3:30 - The hands off less ego chef intervention was pretty transformative for me.

4:55 - 2009 we opened Salt Fire and Time.

6:40 - Peasant food traditions - healing, presentable and frugal.

7:18 - Broth Bar opened in 2015

19:00 - The future of bone broth in the market

23:57 - Gourmet cooking broth vs. cooking broth for the healing/health aspect

24:27 - Roasting is not a necessary component for releasing nutrients, it's more for flavor

24:36 - Marrow bones - not ideal for gelatin content 

25:15 - Best bone sources of gelatin for broth - knuckles, joints, skin.

25:30 - Consider other factors besides gelatin content for good broth

24:00 - What are the markers of making a successful bone broth?

27:20 - Don't assume what your body can or can't handle until you've let it try for itself.

27:45 - Miscellaneous batch of bones is ideal for a full strength nutrient dense bone broth 

30:10 - Options/variations of broth for different people

32:11 - How long do you cook the bones?

38:09 - Peasant foods traditions/batch cooking

41:54 - Meal planning for a group/family 

44:00 - The quality of cooking oils in restaurant foods 

46:30 - What is something that our listeners might not know about bone broth?

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