EP28: Acai Berry Bowls, Kundalini Yoga & Micro Chakras with Rich Matusow

Richard Matusow is the CE-"OM" of Carioca bowls & Full Lotus PDX, a hub for people who strive for a happy, healthy lifestyle with classic acai bowls and donation based yoga. 

Carioca bowls name was inspired from the time when Richard lived in Rio De Janeiro where he experienced the beach culture and the “Cariocas”, the Brazilian people who embody health, wellness, and vitality and embraced the acai bowls.

In this episode, Richard shares with us his passion for the acai berries and why the acai berry has positive impacts on the planet by saving the rainforest, energizing effects, and great taste.

Also, he talks about the chakra system, his experiences with yoga, and how after 10 years as an executive at Sambazon and recovering from sports injuries, his daily practice of yoga greatly
improved his flexibility, strength, and focus.

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Resources talked about in this podcast:



Microchakras: InnerTuning for Psychological Well-being
By Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, David Isaacs Ph.D.

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Support this podcast on Patreon!