EP36: Strategic Vitality with Christa King

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Christa King is the CEO & Founder of Fitlandia. She’s also a recovered dieter. After reaching her highest weight of 192, she hit a wall and was determined to crack her own code for a making a healthier lifestyle change. Leaving a successful, 23-yr career in hospitality behind, she became a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and nutritional therapist. By putting these pieces together, she saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry: a holistic approach that starts with strengthening the mind. Her signature Mind Zoning® process helps people create new neural pathways in the brain to enable them to make a permanent, lifestyle change.

Christa's 4 Corner Stones of Fitness:

  1. Good Nutrition
  2. Daily Movement
  3. Positive Thinking
  4. Community Connection

In this episode my takeaways were...

  • How coping or celebration strategies create neural connections and thought patterns that we go to during certain times of stress.
  • How you make a distinction between good sugars and bad sugars.
  • Getting clear on what you want through Christa's Mindzoning meditations - She explains that getting into a relaxed state helps you better connect with your inner wisdom and subconscious mind.
  • We can set ourselves up for success when we begin to create new thought patterns but Christa explains that success happens faster when we are in a relaxed state and attach to the feeling of it (that's where the practice of meditation comes in).
  • She shares with us Mindzoning mantras for negative thoughts 
  • New years revolutions vs. resolutions
  • We talk about how community is an integral part in healing from addiction.
  • Her new book, "Strategic Vitality", what it took to write it and how it's great information for the person who feels stuck in all of the information but know's it's time to reclaim their vitality.
  • Releasing shame
  • How much the brain loves small wins to be successful.

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