EP63: Topic Show - Building Your Food Foundation - Foods With Vitamin A

Building a solid food foundation first is key. Your body can't always assimilate the nutrients from a supplement since taking single vitamins can take more energy from the body to break it down. You end up with a nutrient deficit instead of adding to your body’s energy reserves.

You’re better off eating foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals in one place, therefore, not robbing your body of it’s precious resources.

Plus, many supplements use low quality vegetable oils and soy to add shelf life and increase production of their product. Supplements also require a proper high quality food foundation to work properly.

In this episode series I talk about this and the value of including Vitamin A rich foods in your diet.

Vitamin A is…

  • Needed for converting cholesterol to thyroid hormone

  • Plays a role in the repair of the eyes

  • Stimulates growth of collagen which improves skin and body structure

  • Repairs internal organs, bone and teeth

  • Optimizes function of white blood cells

  • Needed to absorb calcium - so calcium does not stay outside the cell

  • Improves immune response - helps with food sensitivities

Sources of Vitamin A:  Liver, eggs, milk and cheese

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