EP80: Family Constellation Therapy & Goddess Archetypes With Hanna Bier

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Hanna works with women across the world to help them heal deeply and create the successful, love-filled and freedom-based lives they desire.

Hanna Bier helps creative entrepreneurs, artists and do-gooders feel good in their own skin, so that they can confidently create the beautiful lives and fulfilling careers they've always wanted. 

She offers 1:1 coaching, e-courses and soulful podcast episodes for kind creatives who don't know how to achieve the success they desire (yet). 

Hanna is a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer, Family Constellation Therapist and a Priestess of the Divine Feminine.


In this episode we talked about:

  • What family constellation therapy is and how it works

  • The origins of family constellation therapy

  • The thirteen moon goddess archetypes

  • How Goddess Archetypes can reveal all aspects of self for faster healing and growth

  • How to embody all parts of the feminine

  • What we can learn from goddess archetypes and how we can use them in our lives



Resources Mentioned in this episode:

The Mists of Avalon
By Marion Zimmer Bradley

Glastonbury - History, Myths & Legend

Bert Hellinger - Family Constellations

Ariel Spilsbury - Thirteen Moon Goddess Archetypes