EP40: How To Support Your Immunity - Topic Show

Your immune system works really well when you're able to provide your body with the right fuel.  In this episode we talk about the your two lines of defense, the innate immunity and adaptive immunity.  How they work together and how you can support your innate immune system by simply using the right nutrition strategies and proper sanitation.

Maja and I talk about skin care and how your skin is your first line of defense when it comes to your immunity.  How you can take care of your skin by not overloading it with heavy toxins and giving it the nourishment it needs to do the job it was designed to do.


We have our innate (natural) immunity and our adaptive immunity (acquired immune system)


Ideally we want to have a strong enough innate immunity (supported by proper nutrition) so that the adaptive immunity does not have to constantly increase inflammation in the body - This can override repair in the body especially if a person has low energy and not enough reserves to regenerate.


We talk about:

The Sterile Gut

and how this is vital in wellness and having a healthy metabolism.


What are endotoxins?

An endotoxin is a toxin that is present inside a bacterial cell and is released when the cell disintegrates. It is sometimes responsible for the characteristic symptoms of a disease, e.g., in botulism. 

Material absorbed from intestinal bacteria, in other words, endotoxins will consume nutrients you're not able to absorb in the gut.   A build up of endotoxins and the adaptive immune response being constantly triggered are two factors which contribute to autoimmune response.

“Endotoxin or other material absorbed from intestinal bacteria contributes to a variety of autoimmune problems, including thyroiditis (Penhale and Young, 1988). Combining an indigestible fiber, such as raw carrot, with mild germicides, such as vinegar and coconut oil, can improve the hormonal environment, while reducing the immunological burden.” From http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2012/09/28/ray-peat-phd-on-the-benefits-of-the-raw-carrot/


How Does PregnenOlone aid your immune response

Pregnenolone works to turn off that stress response and when your your immune system gets triggered and then it allows the repair cells to come in and start repairing immediately whereas when you have an adaptive immune response you immediately create inflammation and then the repair cells never get to repair because they don't have the energy to do it.


Adult Acne causes

  • Missing nutrients - not enough food/nutrients being taken in as opposed to what's being used.

  • Gut health - endotoxins are eating your nutrients instead of you absorbing them.

  • A deficiency of vitamin A and thyroid in the diet.



  • You're not using more energy than you're taking in. You're bringing enough energy into the body and you're able to absorb it. (digest it)

  • Digestive Aids that decrease endotoxins in the gut - Incorporate the carrot salad daily or you can eat bamboo shoots, well cooked white button mushrooms, activated charcoal.

  • Incorporate fruit into the diet, like oranges - the fructose comes with vital minerals and vitamins your metabolism needs to run well and efficient.

  • Practice daily nose breathing - This aids in more C02 production which is important for a healthy metabolism and proper cellular respiration.

  • Cut out Puffa (polyunsaturated fats)

  • The benefits of Ray Peat's carrot salad recipe.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

William F. Koch

Sperti Lamp


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