We talk with Josh and Jeanne Rubin of East West Healing about how to avoid energy wasting/depleting by learning how to self regulate your autonomic nervous system. Josh and Jeanne describe how you can use easy metabolic breathing techniques, cold showers and real food nutrition to bring your body back into a state of hormonal balance and avoid issues like sleep apnea and asthma. Josh and Jeanne Rubin of EastWest Healing are redefining what it means to heal in this day and age.

They're setting the bar for the practice and movement of healing and they've managed to extract refreshing simplicity from complex physiology that enables you to become your own health practitioner. In my opinion they're revolutionizing nutrition for thyroid health and bringing a new perspective on what we know and think about the metabolism and thyroid. Teaching people and giving them the tools to heal themselves with real food nutrition and metabolic breathing techniques. They offer lots of free information online, e-course, ebooks and one on one coaching all over the globe.

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