EP64: A Neuro-Centric Approach To Personal Training With Taylor Kruse

Taylor Kruse & Alisha Hale

Taylor Kruse & Alisha Hale

Taylor Kruse of KRUSE ELITE offers a unique, neuro-centric approach to personal training, including vision, balance, respiration, and sensory training in addition to traditional forms of strength training. Taylor Kruse empowers individuals into a greater level of health and performance than they even knew possible.

Taylor & Alisha are an unstoppable team with a combined 25+ years in the health & fitness industry. They share a passion for health that spreads through every facet of their lives, from the quality of food they eat to the quality of movement they practice. 

“We share a common goal of making an impact on individuals aspiring to be the best version of themselves - the top athlete, the best coach, leaders in their field.”

KRUSE ELITE was built over many years of refining thoughts, experiences, and desires related to health and performance. What was formed is two possible paths:

  1. A growing online platform educating trainers and athletes either through educational products or online private sessions

  2. Private sessions in person for trainers, athletes or any individual looking to be better today than they were yesterday. 

KRUSE ELITE offers a neurocentric approach to health through exercise with inspiration from Z-Health Performance & applied neurology, The Burdenko Method, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, and backgrounds in martial arts, BJJ and wrestling. 

In this episode:

  • An expression of good movement is really an expression of good brain function.

  • Why a person’s history matters when it comes to their movement and pain.

  • About 70% of postural activity is mediated by our visual system.

  • If you want to have good posture you have to have good eyes.

  • If you want to be a stable person you have to have a stable vestibular system.

  • We’re not using our visual skills to our fullest extent - our eyes are connected to so many functions of the body.

  • How creating a general daily mobility routine can be all you need

Connect with Taylor at:

Website: https://www.kruseelite.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kruseelite/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RbEfuQUwb2KY-r-36Xkew

Resources Mentioned in this episode:


The Burdenko Method

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