EP49: Swim Speed Secrets with Sheila Taormina

EP49:  Swim Speed Secrets with Sheila Taormina

At just over 5’2” tall, and not having made her first Olympic team until the age of 27, Sheila Taormina seems an unlikely candidate to have competed at four consecutive summer Olympiads in three completely different sports (swimming, triathlon, and modern pentathlon). Her first two attempts to qualify for the Olympics in swimming (1988 and 1992) came up short, during what were considered her “peak” years. Following those years she moved forward with her education, finishing her Master’s degree in Business in 1994, and then began her professional career in the automotive industry that same year, working a full-time salaried position in Detroit.

EP38: Massage Is A Vehicle For Hope With Benny Vaughn

EP38:  Massage Is A Vehicle For Hope With Benny Vaughn

Benny has 42 years of massage therapy experience treating athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active adults; he is known internationally as an expert in the assessment, treatment and care of athletic related soft-tissue dysfunction using manual techniques. Mr. Vaughn produced the educational 1992 video series “Clinical Sports Massage” and the 1997 video “Functional Assessment Skills for Massage Therapists”.  He has been an invited lecturer for professional wellness and therapy conferences throughout the United States as well as Australia, Ireland, Japan, Spain and Russia.

MASSAGE MAGAZINE, an international publication, in their Special Year 2000 Millennium issue, recognized Benny Vaughn as one of the fifty most influential professionals of hands-on, soft-tissue therapy, in the world, over the past 100 years.