Episode 85: Just Be Your Own Guru With Rosanne Grace

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Rosanne’s fathers death was a catalyst for her awakening. Then during a divorce and multimillion dollar lawsuit she realized she had two choices, heal or die. Rosanne chose to heal and became her own healer allowing her to learn from some of the best.

As an Intuitive Holistic lifestyle coach specializing in inner child integration and Quantum healing hypnosis practitioner she’s been able to support her clients heal the root cause of their stories (whether it be in this lifetime or another).

According to Rosanne, ascension does not have to be so challenging...

Having experienced overwhelming pain and suffering on her journey of awakening, she realized that there had to be a better way. An easier more graceful way. This is her purpose here.

Rosanne’s mission is to support the individual and collective in their healing and ascension. As an Ascension Advisor and Metaphysical Coach Rosanne has successfully connected and guided thousands of clients to their higher self, inner child, divine intelligence of the physical body and their true Source Consciousness to facilitate the deepest, easiest and most graceful healing and integration possible.

Connect with Rosanne at:

Website: https://www.rosannegrace.com/
Instagram: Instagram@rosanne.grace
Facebook: Facebook@rosanne.grace.home

Sedona Retreat: https://www.rosannegrace.com/e-v-e-n-t-s


In this episode we talk about:

  • False spirituality - what that means and how we can create awareness

  • Inner child work - how to listening to your inner children can help you heal

  • Beliefs around suffering - unconscious behaviors and the influence they have

  • How energy doesn’t lie - acknowledging the things we cannot logically explain or see

  • How to be radically responsible - what do you want to create and what are you serving


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