EP37: Train Your Brain, Fix Your Body with Zachariah Salazar

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Use the code:  integrateyourself to receive 10% off your order

Zachariah Salazar is a Z-health Performance master trainer.  He consider's himself an autodidact (self taught) practitioner with a passion for learning.  Zachariah is dedicated to helping people discover their ultimate performance and pain free living.  Using simple neuroscience techniques he helps people live a pain free high performance life.

In this episode he shares with us his take on the fitness industry and what he thinks it takes to find success in your fitness practice.  

My Takeaways:

  • How people disassociate from injury and pain
  • How pain is purposeful
  • How you are a walking collection of your experiences
  • How help people who identify with their diagnosis 
  • Telling people that you may have encountered a solution to their problem (and that it may be simple) in no way dismisses their experience of the pain.
  • How celebrating your failures brings you closer to success and to knowing yourself
  • The student teacher relationship and how this can be healthy for our physiology 
  • Zachariah's definition of intuition - you come to a conclusion without fully being aware of the process.  It's hard to remember every single detail about what you've picked up along the way.  Trusting in that you'll intuitively use what you've learned at the right time without thinking about it is key.
  • How lack of information getting to a joint can impede mobility or activation of that muscle.