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Handstand Workshop

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Join Allison Pelot and Dr. Seth Watterson for a workshop series exploring the foundational biomechanics of a handstand. Our intention is to help you gain more confidence, shoulder stability, core strength and dynamic stability in your handstand.

All levels are welcome! You don’t have to have any handstand experience to join this class. Just the desire and willingness to get started. We’ll provide you with all the tools to begin a safe and stable handstand practice.

We’ll be covering tips to improve positioning in aims to building more integrated strength and efficiency. As well as covering program designs that will help you overcome common weaknesses that might be holding you back.

We’ll explore wrist, shoulder and core mobility and strength and we’ll provide you with self assessment tools that will help you discover where you are in the process and where you need to focus.

We'll then teach you how to kick up to and fall out of a handstand and develop the confidence and strength to hold a handstand for longer lengths of time with a wall.

What you'll get is

  • A step by step process to developing your handstand

  • You'll learn self assessment strategies so you're vulnerabilities are exposed and you're better able to address them

  • You'll gain more body awareness in your core, hips and shoulders.

  • You're posture will improve

  • Strategies for re-patterning your breathing

  • More confidence and safety around your handstand practice.

  • A direction on where you can begin to focus so you can hold your handstand longer with more strength and without any pain.

Cost: $150

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