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Essential Metabolic Nutrition Course

Find Freedom with Your food

Full Course coming late spring 2018!

Raise your metabolism, Eat the foods you love, sustain a high level of energy throughout your day, bring hormonal balance back to your body & maintain the body shape you love.

What this program can do for you:

You'll learn how to

  • Get your digestion back on track with digestive aids and strategies
  • Raise your metabolism and balance hormones naturally 
  • Use supplements mindfully - which supplements may be better than others and if you even need them at all.
  • Understand your body's individual balance through awareness and with our physiological feedback low tech tools.

You learn why

  • The right kinds of carbohydrates are good for you and essential to your metabolism.
  • Your emotions are telling you about your biochemical balance.
  • Calorie intake awareness is essential for knowing and learning your individual caloric demands.

Here's a sneak peak at the lesson on digestion

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