Small Group Circuit Schedule

(At the Portland PACE location only)


9:00 am 


7:00 am

Small Group Circuit 

You’ll learn the art of movement through my system of movement programming.  Building up to your squat, bend, pull, push, twist and lunge and going beyond in order to develop quick response agility and stability on the fly.

I teach all of my movement patterning in segments so that you can work up to each skill gradually and you’ll be prepared for each step as you get there.  Much like the training a gymnast or Parkour athlete goes through, but at a pace that matches your level of performance, geared from the beginner to the more advanced exercisers.

Postural endurance and stability are two very important components of this program. You’ll learn how to activate your core stabilizer muscles, in stationary positions and in movement, which help to protect your back and keep your belly flat.

The Small Group Circuit structure consists of…

  • A mobility warm-up
  • Skills and strength exercise circuit
  • Core activation and whole body stability 
  • Restorative movement and stretching

I enjoy offering my clients variety when it comes to their workout so depending on the day we focus on...

  • Powerlifting skills 
  • Body weight training
  • Natural movement skills
  • Stability training
  • Strength training
  • Gymnastics strength training
  • Kettlebell