You could describe me as a natural born mover


I’ve been active ever since I was a young child. When I was little I loved to play outside all day and do crazy things like stand on top of the swing set frame and scare the heck out of my parents (not intentionally).

So much so that my parents finally decided they had put me in gymnastics one day after I took the swings off the frame and started doing back hip circles (a gymnastics move) around the top bar of the swing set frame.

I think they knew they couldn’t really stop me from doing crazy things so I might as well learn how to do these moves safely.

Well it’s a good thing because I absolutely fell in love with the sport of gymnastics and felt that this was what I came here to do.

I quickly dove into the world of competitive gymnastics and devoted the next sixteen years of my life to the sport. Committing to four hours a day of practice and traveling to a different city every weekend to compete.

This was me a long time ago

This was me a long time ago

I was grateful that my devotion to gymnastics gave me a deep appreciation for movement and a greater insight on what the human body is truly capable of. 

 Unfortunately my career didn’t go as far as I’d hope after getting injured a number of times ( knee surgery, low back fracture, ankle surgery, foot and toe fractures) and I started to realize the value of a healthy mindset and a plan of recovery.

Since I was getting injured so much I started to learn more about the recovery process and thought I’d become a physical therapist. So after I accepted a gymnastics scholarship to Radford University I decided to major in pre-physical therapy there.

After a few years, I realized physical therapy wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I discovered I wanted a job that would allow me more freedom to help people the way I wanted to help them.

That’s me with the Radford University Women’s Gymnastics Team

That’s me with the Radford University Women’s Gymnastics Team

So I moved back to Atlanta and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University and I soon discovered how much I loved teaching adults how to move better in my personal training practice. Even better, my clients were seeing great results. I was feeling like I’d finally found my calling.

Fast forward to when my first son was born, I felt it was time to take a break and focus on being a mom.

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Becoming a mom was an incredible experience, but after the birth of my second son my health took a turn for the worse. I ended up with severe digestive distress and chronic low energy.  

For the first time in my life what seemed easy all the sudden became impossible.  I lost all motivation and energy and had debilitating digestive pain most days.  

I felt discouraged and depressed and unfortunately couldn't find the help I needed from my doctor.  I was left with no energy to be a great mom much less to be my best self.  

It occurred to me that I was way too young to be experiencing this, so I got curious and began researching holistic health practices.  The idea of the human body having the potential to heal itself naturally fascinated me.  

My curiosity lead me to study master-level courses in holistic health coaching, nutrition, exercise science and rehabilitation with the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA and the Holistic Life Coaching Institute. 

It had never occurred to me that there was a connection between the regenerative process of connective tissue and the part nutrition plays a in the recovery process and in better function.

I learned that if your energy get’s low enough (by not eating nutrient dense foods or not enough) your body can stay in a constant state of inflammation, pain and even muscle spasm.

When I realized that this was happening to me, I began implementing some key fundamental practices and soon discovered I had more energy, I could move more freely without pain, my digestive problems went away and I didn't have to workout as hard to maintain my body shape.  It seemed almost too good to be true.

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My experience was so empowering I felt compelled to share it and formed Pure Energy Wellness in 2004.  I opened my own studio in Atlanta with my focus on functional training and nutrition coaching at that time.

I soon felt a need to change and grow coming on, and after visiting twice, my family and I decided to move to Portland, Oregon.

Moving to a new city pushed me to re-evaluate how I wanted to show up for people. I decided I wanted to get back to my roots as a gymnast and I also wanted to address recovery from past or present injuries with a recovery plan that’s simple. I wanted to help my clients move better, without pain, with purpose and most of all with joy.

I started studying nutrition more in depth with East West Healing and learned how to help myself and then began empowering my clients with what I’d learned. Teaching them how to implement simple nutrition that’s based on how the body works.


Then I took another dive and got certified to become a level 1 Movnat instructor and started working at Portland PACE (physical therapists and personal trainers who work with world class runners).

Where I learned how to train my clients to become stronger runners, do handstands safely, learn how to power lift, find freedom in their movement, connect to their true core stability and experience integrated strength.

Find out more about my certifications and education here.

My love of learning and sharing has not stopped after sixteen years of coaching others and I'm happy to say that I find so much joy in helping my clients feel successful in their own body.

I love showing my clients how they can build a food and fitness foundation that sets the stage for them to create more strength, capability and confidence in their body. Discovering their own potential to be their best self and to live the life they love.

In health and happiness,