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The Eating for Pure Energy Approach


Over the years I've discovered that training your metabolism is much like training your body with exercise, it takes time and requires consistency.  There’s no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to nutrition, you simply have to do the work.  My job is to show you how to do it more effectively without damaging your metabolism.

Restrictions or “road blocks” can come in the form of too much supplementation, low quality foods, not eating enough food or waiting too long to eat your food.  This can all lead to poor blood sugar regulation and low enzyme production creating digestive issues, autoimmune responses, skin problems, energy depletion, weight gain, muscle loss, low thyroid and poor sleep.

Consider that most nutrition programs are coming from a weight loss mentality.  Meaning they may not be right for you and could even be damaging your metabolism.  Many weight loss centered diets can cause your metabolism, thyroid and digestion to slow down and work less efficiently. 

The problem with a weight loss approach is that this approach leaves you hanging with not much of a bolster to combat stressors.  Weight loss diets inhibit your ability to produce youth steroid hormones which are crucial for recovery and slowing down the aging process.

Most diets suppress your metabolism instead of raising it.


Most diets leave out crucial information to understanding how the body works and how the metabolism functions.  This approach not only works short term but leaves you energetically depleted with not much room for muscle growth and recovery

The truth is your body will adapt to anything you throw at it. The question is, how do you want to use and replenish your energy?

Let me tell you how Raising your metabolism will get you where you want to be.

Simply put, your body does a really great job to self regulate and produce energy and raise your metabolic rate if you provide it with what it needs.  Meeting your body’s nutritional (metabolic) needs on a daily basis is what supports your body’s metabolism.

shift your mindset and raise your metabolism

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So many diets promise short term rapid weight loss at the expense of damaging your metabolism.  My approach is to help you heal your metabolism with real foods, consistent blood sugar regulation and physiological feedback tools ( which help to indicate how your metabolism is functioning ) that have worked for both myself and countless others.

-The attempt to steer a person can make it hard for them to move, because it inactivates their own guidance system.-.png

Developing your own internal guidance system and expanding your education is the key to success in my program. When you’re able to strengthen and develop your own awareness and intuition you're better able to give your body more focused attention, the right nutrients and the self care you need to be strong and healthy.  Tuning into your own guidance system sets the stage for your body to regulate your digestive, hormonal and detoxification systems more efficiently.  You'll have more longterm sustainable energy, build more muscle mass and have a stronger innate immune system as a result of consistent, strategic focus.  The extra weight comes off creating a more balanced hormonal state. 

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One-on-one nutrition coaching

you’ll Receive...

  • 6 Personal Coaching Sessions 
  • The Essential Nutrition course.
  • A comprehensive food list - Making shopping a lot easier.
  • We create an action plan for you based on your lifestyle and what your current state of metabolism is.
  • I teach you how to use tools for physiological feedback so you can get to know your metabolism and help it work better.

I’ve designed my coaching to help approach nutrition from a pro metabolic standpoint.  Where we support your physiology and help your body become more energy efficient by raising your metabolism naturally with physiological feedback tools and food logging.  You'll learn how your body works on a deeper level for raising your metabolism, long term health, regeneration and healthy weight loss.

I offer my coaching sessions in person, over the phone or video conference.