Create A Foundation Of Health So You Can Do What You Love!

The fitness and nutrition industry leave little room for what I consider to be a true measure of health.  Since most of the information you get is geared toward "quick fixes" and "quick weight loss" programs the purpose behind what we’re doing gets left out. This could be why so many people are confused about where to start, what to eat and how to exercise.


I believe if you can discover what foods work best for you and you learn how to move better you'll be able to create a solid fitness and nutrition foundation that’s based on your own values and your unique physiology.

Getting to know your body better by discovering your physiological needs is also key to regulating your energy better, creating faster recovery and experiencing a healthy disposition. 

Building a consistent foundation by eating foods and including a movement practice that support your metabolism is essential to enjoying life and feeling good in your body.

The benefits are…

  • You feel more aligned physically, mentally and emotionally

  • You feel more confident because you have a sense of purpose and direction

  • You’re building a foundational health practice based on your individual needs and wants. Something you can always fall back on no matter what comes your way.

  • You feel stronger, more capable and have way more energy.

  • You get to create the body and the life you love.


Let me teach you how to make pro-metabolic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle a key part of your practice! 

My Mission


Pure Energy by definition is an essential requirement for something to happen. It’s in all of us and when your pure energy is ignited it acts as a catalyst for transformation.  My intention is to guide you to your best self, while having fun and providing lots of support along the way. Teaching you how to create a healthy food and fitness foundation so you’re better able to gain a greater sense of self awareness, self confidence and health.  My purpose is to guide you to ignite that catalyst for change, the pure energy inside you.

The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself
— Deepak Chopra

Metabolic Fitness Coaching

Find out about my small group circuit, mission, methods, and the results of my decades of coaching.

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Metabolic Nutrition coaching

Ready to take the next step?  Find out how a pro metabolic nutrition approach can help you feel better, have more energy and raise your metabolism.

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Better quality Equals A better You

My approach is both holistic and compassionate.  I believe that if you have better quality of movement, food and thoughts, you have a better quality of life.  You are what you eat, move and think, it's that simple.  I love teaching clients how to become more efficient in their movement skills while avoiding energy depletion and injury, and therefore, enjoying a better quality of life.  My intention is to make our workouts and nutrition coaching sessions together informative, healthy and fun!

I work with clients in Portland Oregon and all over the world

Your success is my priority; your health, and happiness with how you look and feel are important. Discover why my movement programs are as unique as my philosophy, and how my fitness training and nutrition and lifestyle coaching services meet your every need.  I’m available in person or online coaching via Zoom Meeting.


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