Coaching Services

I believe that an integrated approach to exercise and nutrition will guide you, not only toward fitness, but to better self-awareness.  Small changes in the way we move, eat, breathe, and think set the stage for large changes, both in the body and mind.

As a former gymnast, I want your workout to be not only fun and challenging, but enlightening and healing. It’s my goal that your workout doesn’t stay in the gym, but affects and improves all aspects of your life.

There are no limits to what you can do when you learn how to tap into your own body’s potential and begin to move with a greater sense of awareness.  I take into consideration your physiological, bio-mechanical, and emotional wellness and combine it with my nutritional coaching.   If you can liberate your restrictions inside and out, you can move freely, increase strength and confidence and even improve circulation and organ health.   Allowing you to experience a much better quality of life.

Check out my offerings below!


Small Group Circuit

Pure Energy's small group classes (3-5 people) create an opportunity to build community and connection in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Each week, we move through a series of innovative, integrated circuits, designed not only to build strength, but to improve functional movement, balance, mobility and circulation.  The support and accountability make it easy to keep up the practice.  Join us!  Check out our schedule of classes offered.


Private Training

Private training is recommended for those who want more concentrated and individualized attention.  We start with a movement assessment and then work toward building a program that is specific to your goals. We work together consistently on a weekly basis and while incrementally increasing intensity as you are ready.  My approach is holistic, compassionate and dedicated. With my foundational program, you'll be well prepared for success and less likely to experience high fatigue, low energy and slower recovery.  Instead you'll gain faster recovery time,  more muscle, strength, mobility, stability and energy.  Contact me to schedule your initial consultation. 


Nutrition and Self Care Coaching

Discover how you can make food work in your favor and how fun and easy it can be to live a healthier life.  Feel empowered by understanding what your body needs, with my guidance, to heal and create balance.  Learn how to integrate and practice the art of healing your metabolism with food to increase your metabolic rate and balance hormones for sustainable weigh loss, faster recovery and a healthy disposition.  Contact me to schedule your initial consultation.