EP55: A Bioenergetic View Of Nutrition With Jay Feldman

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Jay Feldman is an independent health researcher.  He graduated with honors from the University of Miami with degrees in Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology.  Jay helps people who struggle with chronic conditions and weight loss get back in control of their health.  



All things can be repaired or dealt with as long as we have enough energy.
— Jay Feldman

In today's episode we discuss:

  • What is bioenergetics and how it relates to our health?
  • How we can boil all aspects of health down to energy.
  • How energy is what allows all of our functions and it maintains the structure from a cellular level all the way up. 
  • How energy is what allows us to think, move and it's what underlies any symptom or condition, which are typically issues of energy deficiency.
  • Most treatments are just focused on the symptoms because the conditions of disease are typically genetic, but the truth is, environment actually has a greater impact on our health and changes the way our genes respond.
  • How there's such a heavy focus on symptoms in the medical community and not much understanding on how they relate to energy.
  • How by increasing the amount of energy supply we have available we can better handle all sorts of environmental stressors without any negative effects.
  • How different types of radiation affect our physiology.
  • The science of weight loss - fat loss, improving chronic conditions and supporting mitochondrial respiration.
    • Three components successful sustainable weight loss:
      • Reducing Polyunsaturated Fats
      • Improving gut function because endotoxin inhibits mitochondrial respiration.
      • Supporting the body with the right nutrients for energy production.
  • When metabolically stimulating supplementation is a good idea and when it's not.
  • Why low carb diet works for some people and why it's not a long term solution.
  • Addressing these three factors can aid in restoring energy production by supporting the production of ATP from glucose:
    1. Excess endotoxin directly effects your mitochondrial respiration and inhibits it.
    2. Puffa stops the process of oxidation of glucose
    3. Nutrient deficiency 
  • How bringing carbs like fruit and dairy back into the diet slowly can be extremely beneficial for restoring energy production.
If there’s enough energy these supplements will direct the energy towards improving the structure, but if there’s not enough energy it causes stress.
— Jay Feldman

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