EP29: Boundary Setting, Perfectionism & Money Confidence With Maddy Moon

Maddy Moon is a transformational coach and retreat leader who inspires women around the world to take full advantage of their lives by playing bigger and speaking louder while staying spiritual connected by trusting in a higher power.

She has authored books about the myths of perfectionism, dogmatic dieting and exercise, confessions of a fitness model, and rediscovering the feminine spirit. In her podcast, “Mind Body musings” and her blog she shares her life experiences in exercise addiction and orthorexia recovery, skincare, pilates, and ways to harmonize the divine feminine and masculine.

In this episode, Maddy shares with us how to create healthy boundaries instead of barriers with others by identifying our social self, the people pleaser who worries about being “nice” or “liked” and our professional self, the confident one that slows down and clears out the fluff in language.

Maddy also explains how her delusions in being famous awakened her to the realization that her real passion is to create authentic connection with others and she can experience her worth now instead of trying to prove it. 

Maddy takes life by the reigns today by leading thousands of women across the world through their own transformational experiences via her podcast, Mind Body Musings, her website, http://www.maddymoon.com and her global retreats.

Show Notes:

6:00 - Maddy's journey with perfectionism and how it manifests

16:30 - Learning how to set healthy boundaries - Boundaries Vs Barriers

17:47 - People pleasing keeps people from being big

18:20 - Steve Chandler - The social self and the professional self

21:15 - Worthiness - Social self vs. professional self

22:00 - Setting boundaries with yourself and others 

25:25 - Boundaries not barriers

28:00 - Speaking with intention, warmth and clarity

31:00 - Using a beginners mindset to stay open and invite new experiences - honoring your curiosity.

37:00 - Creating authentic connection and worthiness

39:50 - Taking life less seriously 

41:00 - Feminine and masculine - how they work together

47:50 - Money management, trust and confidence 

56:10 - Maddy's experience with Ray Peat's work and dieting.

1:01:00 - Maddy's Retreats - past and present offerings

1:03:44 - Maddy's free gift - The 4 pillars of femininity for perfectionists

Connect with Maddy:

Website: https://maddymoon.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madelynmoon/

References mentioned in this podcast:

Steve Chandler

David Deida

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Support this podcast on Patreon!