EP33: Discovering & Living Your Purpose With James Hollis PhD

James Hollis, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst in Washington, D. C. where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington.  He has published fifteen books translated into nineteen languages and lectures widely on five continents.  His latest books are Hauntings and Living an Examined Life.

In this episode we talk about topics that are related to James Hollis's latest book,  "Living An Examined Life":

How do you define "growing up"? Does it mean you achieve certain cultural benchmarks--a steady income, paying taxes, marriage, and children?  

could it mean leaving behind the expectations of others and growing into the person you were meant to be? 

If you find yourself in a career, place, relationship, or crisis you never foresaw and it seems at odds with your beliefs about who you are, according to James Hollis, it means your soul is calling on you to re-examine your path.

"Living an Examined Life", serves as an essential guidebook for anyone at a crossroads in life, guiding you through 21 areas for self-inquiry and growth:

-How to exercise the ghosts of your past
-When to choose meaning over happiness
-How to construct a mature spirituality
-How to seize permission to be who you really are

James talks about his journey and what led him to change his career midlife and examine parts of himself that needed to be resolved.  

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