EP31: Estrogen Misconceptions With Kyle Mamounis

In this episode we speak with Kyle Mamounis who shares how his own series personal dietary experimentations and how living in the extremes created his passion in the studies of nutrition.

Kyle holds a Phd in nutritional science and a post-graduate position in biochemistry research at Burnett School of Biomedical Science.  He talks about his recent presentation called "Causes and Non-Causes of Insulin Resistance" (see below) at the 2017 Ancestral Health Symposium.  In this lecture he provides the misleading information on sugar and how there's no proven evidence that sugar causes insulin resistance.

In this episode, we discuss the history of mainstream misconceptions in estrogen therapy, evolutionary cycle for why we need estrogen, his study in rapid estrogen signaling and how estrogen receptors binding to cells affects cellular dysfunction.  We talk about the similarities in how endotoxins and estrogen both proliferate the cell by causing a increase of calcium accumulation and excess of bulk water leading to cancer growth and how muscle contraction is a positive sign for a slow metabolism and hypothyroid symptoms.

Kyle's background:

Kyle Mamounis's educational background includes a B.S. in biology from Rowan University and a Ph.D. in nutritional science from Rutgers University (dissertation: The metabolic effects of linoleic acid versus saturated fat in male mice, female mice, and offspring exposed maternally). He's currently taken a position as a post-doctoral researcher in the biochemistry lab of Dr. Victor Davidson at the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Florida.

He's been on and had experience with vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, primal (Aaojonus Vonderplanitz not Mark Sisson), paleo, raw paleo (raw meat, fat and organs) and other diets. Kyle is presently unaffiliated/agnostic vis a vis dietary brand and his goal is to formulate and present a comprehensive and contextualized view of nutrition and health science.

In this episode you'll learn...

- Estrogen misconceptions and why we have them in place in our current medical system.

- Why sugar does not cause Insulin resistance.

- How estrogen and endotoxin cause the breakdown of cellular function which leads to low digestion, thyroid and metabolism.

- Why the medical community continues to advocate estrogen and advertise it as the female hormone despite the serious health implications it has on women.

- Dieting and how certain diets are not as effective as you may think.

Connect with Kyle at:

Website: http://www.nutricrinology.com/

Kyle's podcast: http://nutritiondeconstructedpodcast.com/

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Resources mentioned in this show:

Danny Roddy

Ray Peat

Gilbert Ling

Gerald Pollack