EP32: Integrating Community, Intuition & Movement With Katy Bowman

EP32: Integrating Community, Intuition & Movement With Katy Bowman

In this episode we discuss how Katy came to develop the concept of nutritious movement and movement ecology.  Role modeling as a way of showing others how to integrate change.

Finding your personal mission statement and defining your own personal value system which is different than the values you hold for your family and community. They are dynamic.

What you'll learn from this episode...

  • Role modeling vs. being an expert and what we hand down to other generations;  our truths, intuition and expert culture. 
  • Multitasking - how one task leads to another thus making integration much smoother.
  • How to make life less stressful and more joyful by integrating and stacking nature based activities.
  • How making things more complex has impacted our environment and health from an ecological standpoint.

EP31: Estrogen Misconceptions With Kyle Mamounis

EP31:  Estrogen Misconceptions With Kyle Mamounis

In this episode we speak with Kyle Mamounis who shares how his own series personal dietary experimentations and how living in the extremes created his passion in the studies of nutrition.

We discuss the history of mainstream misconceptions in estrogen therapy, evolutionary cycle for why we need estrogen, his study in rapid estrogen signaling and how estrogen receptors binding to cells affects cellular dysfunction. 

We talk about the similarities in how endotoxins and estrogen both proliferate the cell by causing a increase of calcium accumulation and excess of bulk water leading to cancer growth and how muscle contraction is a positive sign for a slow metabolism and hypothyroid symptoms.