EP68: Rituals For Recovery With EKKA

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It’s impossible to journey through this life without experiencing damage. And, because of that, we seek to escape and numb – with work, food, alcohol/drugs, relationships, the internet and more.

Therefore, we move away from Spirit and become lost in a repeating cycle of destructive behavior.

EKKA is the world’s first ritual based self-care recovery subscription box. Ekka was founded in 2016 by Yvette Jacquez and Nuria Reed.

They envisioned a better holistic wellness system – one that went deeper, built community and created sustainable change.

At Ekka, Yvette and Nuria work with experts in the broad fields of recovery and wellness practitioners, and creatives to be sure they send you a different self-care box every month. they each bring to the table a lifetime of longing, loss, and love.

Yvette and nuria continue to embrace recovery by creating rituals. With this intention they hope to find peace and balance in this strange and beautiful world we live in.

We have one body, one life, one planet and one community and we’re all recovering from something together.

EKKA is a monthly subscription service that provides tools to balance mind, body and spirit done with intention.

Yvette Jacquez – CEO &  Co-Founder

Yvette is a passionate fitness expert with a keen respect for the role that consistent ritual and self-care play in her well-being.

Recovering from anxiety disorder and has experienced cycles of abusive relationships and self-harm. Yvette has spent over ten years focusing on wellness specifically around food & exercise to help her journey through recovery.

Yvette lives in Portland, Oregon with her dog Odys. You can find her outdoors bouldering, snowboarding, camping.

She embraces change and seeks adventure while taking each step with care.


Nuria Reed – Chief Wellness Officer & Co-Founder

Nuria is an ERYT500 and certified Usui Reiki Master with over a decade in meditation and yoga experience, PTSD and the mind/body connection.She is in recovery from anorexia and drug abuse.

Nuria lives in Santa Barbara, California. She’s obsessed with making the world a better places through the tools of yoga and meditation. When not teaching or educating the Ekka community on wellness you can find her playing in the ocean.

She is a teacher and mentor to people in recovery and the wider community. 


Connect with Yvette and Nuria and order their boxes below:

December's box theme is Anxiety and how to alleviate anxiety when it comes to social settings. 

Use our code and get 25% off your box subscription today.

Enter the code: INTEGRATE

Website: https://www.ekkalife.com/product/ekka-life-monthly/


In this episode we discuss:

  • The EKKA Life philosophy

  • How Yvette and Nuria created a company based on recovery rituals

  • How a ritual is really a habit that you’ve given some meaning to.

  • The purpose of the EKKA boxes is to create balance to mind, body and spirit that’s done with intention. Providing you with the tools for self care and recovery.

  • We discuss what recovery means to us and EKKA and how it can be used to create transformation and positive change in someone’s life.

  • What role recovery plays in our rites of passage as women.


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References mentioned in this episode:


EP67: Owning Your Fitness With Ryan Hurst


Ryan Hurst is head coach and program director for GMB Fitness. With many years of experience in strength and movement coaching, he holds black belts in Kendo, Judo, and Shorinji Kempo and practiced 10 years as a competitive gymnast.

He's married with two children and has lived in Japan for over 20 years.

Ryan has devoted his life to coaching others in strength and movement, but always lets his philosophy of “training for a healthy life” lead the way. He is a father to two young children, and the most important thing to him is to be able to play with them without pain or fear of injury.


In This episode we talked about:

  • The story of GMB and how it was created

  • How GMB has evolved since they first began.

  • The mission of the company and how they strive to help people become more physically autonomous

  • The challenges of having an online fitness program

  • Where they see themselves heading in the future


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References mentioned in this podcast


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Use our Code: Integrateyourself

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EP66: How You Breathe Shapes Your Metabolism With Josh Rubin


Josh Rubin and his wife Jeanne Rubin are owners of East West Healing where they specialize in nutrition for thyroid health.

The philosophy behind their approach to nutrition was developed under the influence of human physiology and research studies dating way back to the late 1800’s early 1900’s and some even earlier.

The science Josh and Jeanne are presenting is what they like to refer to as Universal Science, a science based on principles that can be applied to everyone.

These are facts we know are true, such as – the sole purpose of eating food is to fuel the body’s cells with energy. Just like a car needs gas, humans require food.

Metabolism begins in the cell, which is the most basic unit of life and where your body converts food to energy.

Each and every one of your trillion cells has an engine designed to produce energy – the energy needed to fuel ALL your systems. The more efficient your cells are at producing energy, the more energy your body will have at its disposal.

When the systems of the body have a steady supply of energy, they are able to repair, rebuild, and function at very high levels.

One of the most efficient ways in which the body produces energy is through a process called cellular respiration.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 8.54.39 AM.png

In this episode we discuss:

  • How you breath can indicate the state of your metabolism

  • What role C02 plays in your metabolic function and how wasting C02 can be a problem

  • How conserving C02 can help us better produce energy, sleep and exercise by ultilizing 02 more efficiently.

  • How we can easily test our tolerance to C02 and why that matters.

  • How your breathing effects your posture and what you can do about it.

  • Why nose breathing is the best way to balance your ph, raise your metabolic rate and lower your stress hormones.

  • How breathing through your mouth affects the shape of your jaw and how this relates to your posture.

  • How we eat and breathe shapes our jaw.


Josh and Jeanne’s Metabolic Breathing Program



References mentioned in this episode:

Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic
By Sandra Kahn, Paul R. Ehrlich
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
By Weston Andrew Price

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EP65: Boost Your Energy & Accelerate Your Recovery With Kevin Ramirez

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 6.56.13 PM.png

Kevin Ramirez is a certified Exercise Therapy Specialist with Z-Health. He has studied with leading experts in the fields of neurology as it relates to movement, sports vision, and pain.

Kevin is founder and owner of Impower Supplements. His product, Amino PRO® is a powerful formula that’s specifically designed to help you meet your protein needs, build a better body, and recover faster.

It also helps improve digestion and supports the liver and kidneys.

When your liver and digestion are better, everything improves. The result is less brain serotonin and well-fueled dopamine pathways that make you feel awesome!

You’ll notice more energy, better sleep, and better performance… leading to a stronger, healthier, and more attractive physique.

Amino PRO® contains 3,240 mg of ultra-pure branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), combined in a carefully-researched ratio for optimum results, performance, and health.

Designed with your ultimate health and wellbeing in mind, this proprietary blend purposely excludes the 4 amino acids (cysteine, tryptophan, methionine, and histidine) that can promote stress, inflammation, and poor metabolism.

In this episode:

  • Kevin shares with us what what it takes to create a supplement company and get your product on the market.

  • How his amino acids stand out from the rest for supporting the liver, recovery and providing high quality ingredients.

  • What inspired Kevin to create his amino acid combination

  • What kind of people this product can help.

  • What is protein wasting and how can you avoid it

And so much more!

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Order Kevin's Amino supplement at:


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Resources talked about in this episode


Ideal labs

EP63: Topic Show - Building Your Food Foundation - Foods With Vitamin A

Building a solid food foundation first is key. Your body can't always assimilate the nutrients from a supplement since taking single vitamins can take more energy from the body to break it down. You end up with a nutrient deficit instead of adding to your body’s energy reserves.

You’re better off eating foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals in one place, therefore, not robbing your body of it’s precious resources.

Plus, many supplements use low quality vegetable oils and soy to add shelf life and increase production of their product. Supplements also require a proper high quality food foundation to work properly.

In this episode series I talk about this and the value of including Vitamin A rich foods in your diet.

Vitamin A is…

  • Needed for converting cholesterol to thyroid hormone

  • Plays a role in the repair of the eyes

  • Stimulates growth of collagen which improves skin and body structure

  • Repairs internal organs, bone and teeth

  • Optimizes function of white blood cells

  • Needed to absorb calcium - so calcium does not stay outside the cell

  • Improves immune response - helps with food sensitivities

Sources of Vitamin A:  Liver, eggs, milk and cheese

Reviews help us get out to more people who can benefit from our information.

Plus we’d love to hear from you. Please share your experience with us!

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Enter our code and save 10% today! Code: integrateyourself

EP62: Spinal Care For Artists (Dancers, Contortionists & Gymnasts)

EP62:  Spinal Care For Artists (Dancers, Contortionists & Gymnasts)

Dr. Andreys received both her doctorate in chiropractic medicine and a masters degree in sports and exercise science from The University of Western States in Portland, OR. Her BA in dance with an emphasis in flamenco from was earned at The University of New Mexico, and her massage certification came from The Chicago School of Massage Therapy.

However, Dr. Andrey's health care education started at home. She comes from a long line of healthcare providers and educators starting with her great grandmother who was a midwife, herbalist and healer in Honduras.

EP61: Art Is Medicine & Medicine Is Art With Dr. Tumi Johnson

EP61: Art Is Medicine & Medicine Is Art With Dr. Tumi Johnson

Dr. Oluwatumininu (Tumi) Johnson, M.D. is a physician, dancer, and poet. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, a diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and was made an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine of NYU in 2011. She has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and completed Yoga teacher training with Yogaworks in 2012.

A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Johnson also has extensive nutrition expertise, with past experience running a weight management clinic in New York City. Tumi also served in West Africa as a Doctors Without Borders field doctor in nutrition clinics there. Her holistic medical practice is focused on helping people identify the underlying causes of their health issues.

She then uses her expertise to offer individualized holistic regimens that support people in achieving and sustaining their most vibrant well-being. Through her plant-based health plans, she has had many patients heal issues ranging from diabetes to hormonal imbalances to persistent weight challenges.

EP60: Topic Show - How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut & Endotoxin

EP60:  Topic Show - How To Get Rid Of Bacterial Overgrowth, Leaky Gut & Endotoxin


  • Aids the liver in the detoxification process by carrying the toxins away via the carrot fiber

  • Stimulates the digestion

  • Increases thyroid hormone conversion

  • Decreases stress hormones;  adrenaline and cortisol, as well as, aldosterone and serotonin

  • Relieves premenstrual symptoms

  • Contains an indigestible fiber that's antimicrobial and antibacterial which pull out endotoxins (bad bacteria) in the gut.  Making your gut flora a much healthier place.

  • When you cut your carrot lengthwise (even after you chew it) you get the benefit of it pulling out endotoxin much more effectively and lower in the digestive tract.

  • The raw carrot is effective at detoxing excess estrogen in the gut and prevent estrogen from getting reabsorbed in the gut, thus creating hormonal balance.

  • Eat your carrot salad between meals, between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.

EP59: Understanding Biohacking With Luke Storey

EP59:  Understanding Biohacking With Luke Storey

Luke Storey, a former Hollywood celebrity fashion stylist, has spent the past twenty-one years developing and refining the ultimate lifestyle, based on the most powerful principles of health and spirituality, while at the same time embracing the technology and modern conveniences of urban living.

Using himself as a human research lab, Luke has explored a broad and sometimes extreme variety of measures to obtain optimal health, performance, and well-being. From surviving being injected with poisonous Amazonian frog venom, to three-week silent meditation trainings in India, to neurofeedback training in an isolation chamber, Luke has scoured the earth for the most cutting edge as well as ancient technologies of healing and personal transformation.

Luke has tenaciously applied the results of his field research and used them to not only completely transform his own life but also the lives of thousands of fans and followers through his various media channels and speaking engagements.

As a transformational coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing and happiness to corporate as well as private clients, through his innovative and highly effective lifestyle design coaching system, Youtube channel, and wildly popular podcast, The Life Stylist. Since 2008, Luke has also served as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the nation’s most prominent fashion school for stylists.

EP58: How I Healed My Midlife Crisis With Christopher Ryan

EP58:  How I Healed My Midlife Crisis With Christopher Ryan

Christopher and his work have been featured just about everywhere, including: MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The Times of London, Playboy, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Outside, El PaisLa Vanguardia, Salon, Seed, and Big Think. 

Chris has been a featured speaker at TED, SXSW, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House, and the Einstein Forum in Pottsdam, Germany, provided expert testimony in a Canadian constitutional hearing, and appeared in well over a dozen documentary films.

Even before co-authoring the New York Times best-seller, Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships (translated into 15 languages), with his wife, Cacilda Jethá, MD, Chris was on a wild ride. After receiving a BA in English and American literature in 1984 he spent the next two decades traveling around the world, pausing in unexpected places to work at decidedly odd jobs (e.g., gutting salmon in Alaska, teaching English to prostitutes in Bangkok and self-defense to land-reform activists in Mexico, managing commercial real-estate in New York’s Diamond District, helping Spanish physicians translate and publish their research). In his mid-30s, Chris decided to return to school to pursue doctoral studies in Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School, in San Francisco, CA.

EP57: The Value Of Play With Rafe Kelley

EP57:  The Value Of Play With Rafe Kelley

Natural Movement has been the key theme in Rafe Kelley's life since his childhood. He is owner of Evolve, Move, Play, a company that provides an in depth education in the philosophy of movement, aimed at helping you become a more heroic human, a human more deeply embodied in yourself, in your environment and in your tribe. His ultimate goal is the cultivation of a meaningful life through movement practice.

EP55: A Bioenergetic View Of Nutrition With Jay Feldman

Jay Feldman is an independent health researcher.  He graduated with honors from the University of Miami with degrees in Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology.  Jay helps people who struggle with chronic conditions and weight loss get back in control of their health.  

In this Episode we talk about:

-What bioenergetic nutrition means and how you can benefit from looking at nourishment this way for long term health.

-How your emotions and disposition in life is heavily linked to your energy levels and how you're fueling yourself.

- How restrictive dieting (like fasting, keto and low carb) can be beneficial to a point but as the body begins to adapt to a low energy state symptoms will begin to manifest because of nutrient deficiency.

-What you can do to offset a low energy state and get healthy again.

EP54: Running With Purpose With Matt Walsh

EP54:  Running With Purpose With Matt Walsh

Matt is a 1987 graduate of Cumberland College of Health Sciences/Sydney University in Sydney, Australia. He has a representative-level background in Rugby and Cricket, has completed an Ironman Triathlon, and been chosen for the USA in Touch Rugby at the World Master’s Games. With wide-ranging sports physical therapy experience, he has consulted with groups such as the PGA Seniors Tour and the Nike Team Oregon project and was the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team Physiotherapist. Matt is also a board certified sports physiotherapist (Australia SPG, Level III) who teaches courses throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia on topics such as Running biomechanics and treatment, advanced orthopedic Clinical Reasoning, and treatment approaches for the foot, ankle, and spine. He has a particular interest and expertise in running-related injuries, technique, and rehabilitation, but he also enjoys treating complex chronic spinal and tendon-related pain, having developed a number of evidence-based protocols with local surgeons and physiatrists.

EP53: Consciously Creating & Simplifying Health With Paul Chek

EP53: Consciously Creating & Simplifying Health With Paul Chek

Paul Chek is an internationally-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology.

For over thirty two years, Paul’s unique, holistic approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of countless people worldwide – many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed.

Paul is the founder of the C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California, USA and the P~P~S Success Mastery Coaching Program.

EP52: Soulful Success Coaching With Hanna Bier

Hanna Bier helps creative entrepreneurs, artists and do-gooders feel good in their own skin, so that they can confidently create the beautiful lives and fulfilling careers they've always wanted. She offers 1:1 coaching, e-courses and soulful podcast episodes for kind creatives who don't know how to achieve the success they desire (yet). Hanna is a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer, Family Constellation Therapist and a Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She runs the podcast 'Mystics On A Mission Show' and currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how to heal, so I might as well share that.
— Hanna Bier

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Hanna chose to quit her career in fashion and become a coach & energy healer.
  • Becoming humble and letting go of the need to prove and defend yourself and show off.
  • Her journey from a healing a traumatic childhood to becoming a soul-driven entrepreneur an empowering others to do the same.
  • The importance of healing your family issues and how this can help you live a happy and healthy life.
  • How Hanna found her voice and the importance of this connection.
  • Hanna's journey in discovering how to play and how this relates to her passion for comedy.
  • How everyone has such a different flavor of using their gifts to do something meaningful.
Comedy is saying life sucks, let me be specific.
— Mastering Standup by Steven Rosenfield

Resources mentioned in this episode:

EP51: Three Tools For Measuring Your Body's Physiology

EP51:  Three Tools For Measuring Your Body's Physiology

n this episode Maja and I talk about why you can't lose weight sustainably until your thyroid is functioning optimally. We explain how the thyroid is your master regulator of your metabolism and how it works in your body to produce energy (C02, heat and water).

We teach you how you can use your own physiological feedback using low tech tools (like body temperature and pulse) to find out how your thyroid is functioning. Explaining how this can be invaluable information over time and how you can use it to help your metabolism work better.

EP50: Simple Steps To Calming Anxiety With Stephanie Dalfonzo

EP50:  Simple Steps To Calming Anxiety With Stephanie Dalfonzo

Born out of her lifelong journey of struggling with relationships, insomnia, feeling lost and stuck, Stephanie has become an anxiety expert out of necessity. After the stark realization that something had to change... she started the process of learning how to break free from the invisible bonds of anxiety and has spent over 20 years researching holistic, natural, and scientifically proven methodologies.

She literally wrote the book on how to overcome anxiety: “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom”. Stephanie knew that “one size fits all” would not work for her, or anyone else for that matter. This was her mantra in her quest for learning and healing which led her to extensive training programs and certifications in Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki, Yoga and more. 

Mother's Day Tribute

80's pic with mom and sis.jpg
hospital pic of me.jpg

Today is my gift to you on mother's day.  You don't have to be a mother to know how to mother yourself.  In my mind, mother's are a symbolic representation of how we take care of ourselves.  I talk more about this and go into ways you can create a replenishment practice.  How we get mothering role modeled to us and how that can affect the way we take care of ourselves as adults.

me and the boys pic.jpg

Some take aways:

  • What Mother's Day means to me
  • What Mother's Day symbolizes
  • How to integrate daily nourishment into your life
  • What my mom taught me